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The 16-Drawer Apothecary Chest

5: Assemble the sides (A) and partitions (C) with glue and 8-penny finishing nails. Be sure to double-check your spacing to make sure you have 6-1/16" of vertical spacing between each partition. Glue the drawer dividers (F) into place.

6: Shape the edges of the top (B) and the drawer fronts (K) with your Shaper set-up and 1/4" Quarter-Round Shaper Cutter. As an option, you could also use your Router Package with a 1/4" Router Chuck and a Round Over Bit. Shape just the sides and front edge of the top.

7: Attach the top (B) to the case, using 8-penny finishing nails - then attach the back (J) with 2-penny common nails or small brads.

8: Miter the corners of the base pieces (G & H). Cut the scrollwork using your Bandsaw or Scroll Saw . Once you've made the cuts, smooth them with your Drum Sander. Attach the base pieces, using 4-penny finishing nails and glue.

9: Make the drawers. With 16 of them to make, you'll need to use a few “production” techniques to speed the process up a bit. Start by first ripping all of your drawer stock to the proper widths, then cross cutting the pieces to equal length. Shopsmith's 24" Extension Face offers an adjustable stop that will help you cut all the pieces to the same length quickly. Just attach it to your Miter Gauge Face and go to work. Next, use any sawblade with a 1/8" kerf to cut the grooves in the drawer sides (L) for the drawer bottoms (N). Glue and nail the drawers together, then glue and clamp the fronts (K) into the ends (M) . Flush-sand the drawer bottoms and sides using your Disc Sander or Belt Sander. Slide in the bottoms (N) and tack them in place with 2-penny finishing nails or small brads. Do not glue the drawer bottoms.

10: Finishing touches. Set all exposed nail or brad heads and fill with a high-quality, stainable wood putty. Finish sand the chest then remove all dust with a tack cloth. Apply the stain and clear finish of your choice, attach the knobs and enjoy.



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